Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Our Fortunes and Fates are in our own hands"

"Our Fortunes and Fates are in our own hands."

In religions we try to lay that blame at some gods feet. Millions of years ago, our ancestors saw things happening that they couldn't understand. To explain these unknown things in their lives, they came up with gods and spirits, heavens and hells, after-life and purgatories. The only true thing we know is that there is good and bad events, and these all have reasons that we can explain. As time went on, these ancient explanations grew into multiple religions. they fueled wars, they molded societies.

Religion is a lot like the movie the Matrix. From birth we are taught religion, morals, someone's else idea of what is right and wrong. If we even think too hard on if there is really a god, we immediately subconsciously start to think that something bad is going to happen to us just for even letting the idea creep into our minds. If a day latter something bad happens to us, we think back and say, "God is punishing me for doubting him".

Let me ask this, what if you have no doubt and that same unfortunate event occurs? You think to yourself, "It was just an unfortunate time, it will get better". Why is it that no-one thinks that god if having a laugh at there expense? The reason is because that is the way we are taught. After all these thousands of years, you would think that we would have gotten closer to explaining the way "God" thinks. But NO! We are not even allowed to question a gods actions. The end all answer is always "God works in mysterious ways, if he wants us to know he will show us". It is always explained as something that is beyond our comprehension, something that we have no reason for knowing, something that only god has the right to know.

How hard is it for a person to wake up from this "Matrix" of religion? Apparently it is not very easy. Every thing in religion teaches you that you can not question it, only learn it. With that mind-set, how can it even be expected that someone else would so willingly give up there own religion, question it, doubt it, rebuke it, and convert to Christianity or any other religion? Religious doctrine dictates that it should not be questioned or doubted. Catch 22, huh?

I find it very odd that we have the bible. We find things in it that just don't make much since to us. What do we do? We remove it, or omit it. But it is considered Gods inspirations. We have decided for hundreds of years what goes into the bible, what stays out. What Gospels in the bible are accurate, which are not. Mans inspiration.

Just as in the "Matrix", we are not allowed to escape religion easily. We are taught that everything around us is made by god, is gods, and will always be gods. We are taught a religious way of life that is beneficial to the government. A peaceful, lamb like life. Just as in the "Matrix" we all have a choice. We can stay in that mindset that teaches us that all will be well, if we just do what the ancient gods that we have been taught of, dictate. Or we can take the blindfold off our eyes and see the world as it is.

"Our Fortunes and Fates are in our own hands."

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

11:00 AM

Composed and written by

Lansing Covel

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