Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vista Will Not Go To Sleep.

Just recently I stated having a few problems with my laptop, a Presario C500 with 2 gigs of mem, CPU 1.86GHZ,,,yada yada. The Biggest problem was with a windows service called WindowsTrustedInstaller run on start up and hogging 100% of my CPU for up to five or ten minutes at a time. The other problem started after a few updates recently, my computer would not go into sleep mode. Whenever I tried to put it to sleep the screen would just go blank and then I would hear the hardrive just churning away. This wouldnt be a problem on my home PC because I keep that on all the time, but on my laptop! NO!

Turns out after searching the INTERNET that Microsoft has addressed that issue along with many more with the release of Vista Service Pack. I installed this update over night. Overnight because it takes a few hours to install, and it automatically reboots a few times during this time. I was very pleased this morning to be greeted by my welcome screen, (indicating that it had at least my computer still worked). First thing I checked was the security center. My Firewall was off so I had to turn it back on. After that, I went for the sleep mode. PERFECT! No problems. Then I went for a reboot. PERFECT! no problems. And after observing things for a while I noticed that I was getting that WindowsTrustedInstaller.exe hogging my CPU. Before you take the plunge, I suggest you take a moment to read the things you should know about Vista SP1

Now, If you don't want to install SP1 just yet, but you have that WindowsTrustedInstaller.exe problem there is a work around.

is used by the windows service called "Windows Module Installer" (Or rather is the service) Says it has something to do
with updating windows, so uninstalling or disabling it could cause some
updates to fail. I wouldn't remove or delete the file itself. Simply set
the service to start manually.

1. Start Menu ->Run
2. type msconfig and select Services section.
3. delect the box next to Windows Module Installer

this will keep it from starting up when loading windows

Now to set it to manual start

1. Right click taskbar and select properties
2. Select Start Menu tab and choose Customize..." button
3. In the list, check "Display administrative tools" and click apply
and click OK
4. Now go to Start Menu -> Program Files -> Administrative tools ->
5. Look in the list for the service "Windows Module Installer"
6. Double click and look for the dropdown menu, this will be on the
"General" tab
7. Select "Manual" from the list
8. Click apply, click OK
9. Now restart

Everything should be good now :) You might need to turn it off in the
processes from task manager, but I doubt it.

Hope this helps anyone who is having the same problems I was.

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