Monday, April 14, 2008



Heads up guys...

AVG Anti Virus is NOT our Friend...


I have a Keygen for a certain program that I've used many times.

All the Sudden, AVG reported it as having a Virus...

I first thought is was just a delayed Definitions issue.

But the more I thought about it, the program I was using, Never

gave me a problem. And this is not the first time AVG has done this

with Keygens and Patches.

So, I used a different computer Without AVG and ran the Keygen,

I also scanned the Keygen with Panda and Norton Anti Virus. No Virus Found.

After running the Keygen, it worked Fine and I wrote the Key produced

down on paper and tried it on the first computer. It Worked Fine.

I then re-scanned the computer that produced the Key with both (up to date)

Panda and Norton, AGAIN... No Virus Found and the System Works Fine.

AVG is a Good Anti Virus program. BUT, apparently AVG is taking it

upon themselves to be our Moral Police. USERS BEWARE...

Not only did AVG report this Keygen as having a Virus (it does Not)

it completely DISABLED it. Made it unusable on the first computer.

AVG is deciding (without your knowledge or approval) what they will lie about and what they will DISABILE on your personal property...

I'm done with this BS Software and that BS Company...

Its up to you... Just letting you know what happened to me...


AVG Anti Virus is NOT our Friend...

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