Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is Comet Elenin The Proverbial Planet X, or Nibiru?

Also, an actual picture of our incoming neighbor,,,

  One thing that is clear, each time NASA runs a calculation of how close it may come to Earth, the numbers get smaller and smaller. One thing is still very certain, and that is that the Earth will pass thru the trail of this comet.


  1. The photo used in this article is not an actual photograph of Comet Elenin. It is a photo of Comet 81/P Wild that was taken by Steve E. Farmer Jr. This picture is being used from the following article - which was written on December 25, 2010.


  2. The biggest problem about this Elenin is that there is NO PICTURES from nasa ore any other well known scientists ????
    According to nasas own homepage they have don 352 observations and Nothing ???
    And some other thing boggling my mind is the EARTH VOID 0.0306256 AU and if you multiply this with 150,000,000 km that is the parameter to multiply the AU with, you get the closest distends 4,593,840 million km NOT the 35,000,000 they talk about, ore am i wrong ???
    The classification of a potential risk for impact is 0,05 AU
    According to the data nasa is providing, Elenin coming much closer to earth and are bigger then the Hale-bob comet....halebob has, total magnitude value of 2.3 and Elenin has the magnitude value of 10.4 almost 5 time Brighter/Bigger ???
    So my question is what the fuck is going on ???


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