Thursday, September 18, 2008

This Election Is Turning Into A Circus!

Here we are at the count down to election 2008. John McCain/Sarah Palin -REP, Barack Obama/Joe Biden -DEM. My first gripe is the fact there are so many woman that are gonna vote for McCain/Palin simply for the fact that there is a wwoman on the ticket. One thing that Hillary had going for her, she was running for Presidential nomination not because she is a woman, but because she wanted to be President. The reason that she lost the nomination, in my mind is that she has been around for so long. People already know what her views are. They already know her history. They have had years and years of the Clintons. There is nothing that we dont know about her. Nothing to dig up. Barack on the other hand, is a new face on the scene. People want to know who he is (still). Personally, I dont thin there is anything more to find out about him, we have heard it all over the last 18 months. Everything from Rev. Jeremiah Wright, to William Aers.

Baracks' parents have been discussed, his half brother in Kenya has been discussed. His wife has been talked about by everyone under the sun. The New Yorker has drawn him and his wife as terrorist, Muslims, Spies etc. Still, he is moving forward to the white house.

John McCain is no-one new on the scene. Apparently his platform is now for change also. This Sarah Palin, now she is straight out of the blue. I was debating voting for McCain until he picked her for VP. That showed me that he has no motive for picking her other than to promote his own campaign. There is no other logic for choosing her other than that. She is the Mayor of Wasilla,, Alaska. Touts herself as being the best chooice for VP. et she cannot talk to the press without first being coached on what to say. When a question is asked of her that she is not preppared for, she looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Fregn realtions? Oh-, Alaska is close to Russia! That is her foriegn experience. I hear a lot of people talking about McCain/Palin is so good. Why? He picked some-one that you never heard of, and that makes him the MAN? She is being used as a vote getter, nothing else. Once/if elected, she has to do the duties of the VP. It seems to me that the republicans only want to win the white house. It doesnt matter what it takes to get it.

One of the things that have occured to me recently, it really doesnt matter a whole hell of a lot who wins the election.

Jimmy Carter was elected president, back then all you heard was how bad things would be if he became the president.

Ronald Reagan was elected president, back then all you heard was how bad things would be if he became the president.

Bill Clinton was elected president, back then all you heard was how bad things would be if he became the president.

George Bush (I &II) were elected president, back then all you heard was how bad things would be if he became the president.

Now, it is Barack Obama or John McCain. No matter what Rush Limbaugh would have you to think, the world is not gonna go to hell in a hand-basket just because Barack Obama becomes president. Just yesterday Rush Limbaugh declared that if Barack Obama became president, the USA would be facing a certain financail depression. NEWS FLASH, Rush. What is the state of our countries financail status right now? Of course, if John McCain becomes the president and we still face a depression, Rush Limbaugh will simply find any and every exscuse to blame the democrats for it. By the way, I would like to think you for Operation Chaos, Rush. Your idea was that Hillary would be easier to beat than Obama, so you wanted to get hillary nominated. You failed miserably. Operation Chaos Failed Miserably! But not for the democrats. You wasted time playing games instead of taking this election in a seriouse light. Thanks.

But back to my point. If Barack/Biden win it, republicans all over the country will go into emotional depression. If McCain/Palin win it, democrats all ove rthe country will just say "Oh-well, we tried our best." and then we move on to other things. My personal oppinion is that either candidate would make a good president. The thing is that I, and you, have to decide which one has interests that benefit us the most. You see, its not about putting our country first. That job is for the Military and our Commander and Chief. We are the country, and we come first. Any vote we make should be made with our own best personal interests in mind. What we want. Who we want to represent us. What we want them to do for Us. After all, you and me are paying their salaries. Would you hire a Doctor to represent you in court when you need a Lawyer? Or vice versa?

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