Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Things We Put Up With,,,

You know, I have tried to avoid doing this, but I cant. I work for Lockheed Martin based out of Little Creek Amphibious Base in Norfolk, VA. Recently it was announced that the company would probably shut down and be moved up to Rhode Island. DUH! Since I have been working for this company I have seen some of the most stupid management decisions made from the highest levels. I mean, some of the most idiotic decisions are made, STUPID! One of the downfalls is the fact that so many of the employees are hired into positions simply based on the fact that they are related to someone in a high ranking position within the company. While I have seen people who worked there way into position through hard work get layed off at the first hint of problems. These are the same people that move on to other successful positions with other successful companies. These are the same people that were making the company successful. Orders are given without the slightest idea as to a plan on how to carry them out, or even if they can actually be carried out at all. This has led to a waste of manpower hours on a constant basis. When I first hired on to the job I was wondering how the hell the company could be successful under such idiotic decision making. Now I see how. I'TS NOT!  Now the offer has been made to many of us to consider transferring to the facility once it is moved up to Rhode island. Question is, do I even want to take that chance? I mean why? If the company cant hold its own in this state why would I want to move up north and have the same thing repeat itself? For me, the answer is definitely a "No".  Let me clarify something, I wish all the best for this company and its employees, and I don't really care to bash it. But it is the way I see things.  Every time I see this logo,Lockheed Martin - We never forget who we're working for

I wonder do the people we work for really KNOW how screwed up an organization they have working for them? Even worse is the fact that I am certain that this company has forgotten who the people are who work for them.

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