Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Price Of Newport Cigarettes!

Here it comes. My rant against the R.J Reynolds tobacco company. For years, since I was 16 or 17, I have been a Newport 100's smoker. Over the years I have tried other smokes but always came back to my Newports. Recently, I have noticed a pattern in the pricing of my favorite smokes. A year ago I was paying on average $3.60 per pack of Newports. Today, if I go to the corner store, I will pay right around $4.98 for a pack. Thing is, in a week or two the price will drop again. But not to the same as what it was. It'll be maybe five or ten cents higher than what it was before they raised the prices. That way customers think "Wow, I sure am glad they lowered the prices" Then, two months later the cycle starts again and the price ends up another $.10 higher.

Raise the price $1.00, lower it $0.90. Next time, raise it again, another $1.00, lower it later by $0.80. We all get happy and continue to buy them. This is a technique that I have only noticed R.J Reynolds utilize. So,,,,now my choice of smokes are Marlboro Menthol 100's.

So with that in mind I say to R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company "Screw You And Your Price Raising Scams!!" You have lost a twenty some year customer. I'll admit it, not the smartest person since I do smoke, but a customer, X-customer none the less.

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