Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nebraska Mall Shooting.

I am sure that mostly everyone is aware of the awful event that has taken place in Nebraska. My condolences go out to the victims and their families.

What I would like to bring up is something that I happened to hear on the radio this morning. It was stated on the Niel Boortz show that people who go out and acquire a handgun permit and weapon are on the average law abiding citizens. That was always my opinion also, until I thought more into it. I am a registered owner of handguns. I can not see myself in a position where I would purposely cause harm to innocent people, nor do I see myself as being one to "snap". Then it occurred to me that most of the people that do snap are "law abiding citizens" until they do snap. Then it is all over the news that we need more strict gun control laws. I agree that taking handguns from law abiding Americans is sure to give the criminal elements the upper hand. The criminals will always have their guns or have a means to acquire them.

It has also come to my attention that the mall that this shooting took place in has a policy which is posted at the entrance. NO GUNS ARE ALLOWED, WHETHER YOU HAVE A PERMIT OR NOT. Now,,, do you suppose that guy stopped at the entrance of the mall to ponder if he should go inside or not? More that likely not. While I am sure that the criminal element will not hesitate to enter the mall any way that they please. In the aftermath of the shooting, do you suppose any of the victims were thinking "Gee, I'm sure glad that no one else in this mall had a gun besides him.." I think not. Going back a few into the past, do you remember the shooting in Texas, the one where the guy shot the two hoodlums who broke into his neighbors home? I wish I could send that guy a box of replacement shells for the ones that he wasted on those low lifer's. That guys that he shot were breaking the law. Period. They put themselves in that position. Sure maybe the good neighbor broke the law also by disobeying the dispatcher and not staying in the house. But hell, wish I would have had a neighbor like him about twenty years ago when some scum broke into my home and stole every little bit of nothing that I had of value.

What is my point? I don't know. But enforcing gun control on law abiding citizens is not the answer. Asking me to give up my right to own a gun is equal to asking me to surrender my right to choose my own religion or not. Enforcing gun control may be a good idea in other countries, in most other countries it was never included in their rights from the beginning. So using them as an example is not quiet adequate. Americans are granted the right to own/bear arms by the constitution of the united states. o attempt to take it away is tantamount to disaster. It is very easy to see how this would result in the uprising that is predicted by so many psychics these days. The government would be hastening the process by forcing honest Americans to surrender their guns. I for one know that if gun control laws were enacted in my state, attempting too force me to relinquish my right to bare arms, more that likely the result would be exactly what is not desired. Forcing me to be come non-law abiding by not conforming to the change and relinquishing my right to own and bare arms. This, I feel is the sentiment of nearly all off the law abiding registered gun owners in the United States of America.

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