Monday, December 17, 2007

From "HER" perspective.

This one goes out to all the guys out there who get out to the clubs on the weekend, the bars, the parties. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a conversation where I overheard someone call a girl a whore because they had slept with her on the first night that they met.(Not to mention that they went into all the lurid details,,,) I can see talking about it to your closest friend, but a group of six or seven? COME ON! The persons opinion was that "they couldn't see themselves getting involved with someone who would sleep with them on the first day that they met". News flash. If we find a girl to sleep with us on the first night, doesn't that make us just as much a whore?

For the married guys, don't get mad when you get a women pregnant and she wants to keep the baby, and you end up getting chased down for child support. What do you expect? If she has to chase you down, then obviously you are not doing something right. Can you honestly fault her for trying to look out for her and her child's own best interests? Since obviously you are not. So, to keep this short, before you call any woman a derogatory name be sure to think about what YOU are doing first.

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