Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Presidential Candidates?

Everyone that they show on the news these days seems to hate President Bush. Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it, we’re not best friends and I dont approve of every thing that he does or says. The on thing that I do approve of is the fact that so far as I can remember is that he is sticking with everything he said he would try to do back when he was running for office.

Flash to the present.

The current candidates were all saying how we need to pull out of Iraq right now, how the president needs to have a plan for withdrawal, how they are so against this war. Yet, now that they are running for office, and are faced with the question "Will you, if elected, bring our troops home?" they hmm and haaa and have every answer except one that answers the question. The reason? They know they cant bring the troops out just because it sounds nice. When someone else was in the hot seat, it was easy to say to "Bring them home NOW! " But if you ask me, they already know that the majority of Americans want us to finish and win this war. And making the promise to bring our troops home at any cost, even just giving up, is a sure way to loose the election. Instead of saying a simple yes or no, they refuse to answer, and throw out some vague response to only god knows what. At first I thought Hillary would make a good president, then the more she spoke, the less sure I felt. When Obama announced his candidacy, I thought "WAY To Go!" Now he is sliding further downhill on my list. So far every one of them has made me think fifty more time as to whether or not I want them to run my country, and answer is more and more "Hell No!" Who does that leave? Not a whole lot of choices, are there? Well, who ever gets the office, I hope they do a better job at running the country than they are doing at winning my vote.

And as a side note:

A lot of people want to have a President that is going to make getting a better job easier for them. I have a descent job and certainly no President got it for me. How about you? Lets elect a President based on what is good for the country, not what is good for our personal pockets. We can at least handle that part ourselves.

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