Monday, October 8, 2007

Geforce FX 5200 Drivers

Finally there may be a solution for anyone looking for Vista drivers for the Geforce FX 5200. As many of us have found out, it appears that Nvidia is not going to provide an updated driver package. Well, good news! After 6 hours of installing and un-installing, I have finally gotten a working, 3D accelerated Geforce FX 5200 in my computer. For me the solution was to install DirectX 9.0 SDK over top of Vista’s DirectX 10. For some reason it installs side by side. The I installed third party drivers from My Operating system is Windows Vista, but I chose to use the XP drivers instead (on a tip). My choice was Omega Drivers 16693 for Windows XP. The problem that I was having at first was no 3D acceleration enabled. The 9.0 SDK gave me a tool in my control panel to enable direct 3D acceleration! Now, the regular Nvidia drivers might have worked in this set-up, but I have no intentions of removing the Omega drivers unless I start to have serious problems. Me being a Flight Simulator enthusiast, I had to have 3D acceleration.

1.Installed DirectX 9-SDK

2. Installed Omega Drivers 16693

3. Rebooted, and happy puppy.

If you are at your wits end, give it a try. Nothing to loose.GeForceFX5200_bg

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