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Neanderthals were more advanced than us. THEY were one of the megalithic cultures of the remote past,


"So I was looking at THIS thread about bringing back Neanderthals when I came to the conclusion that they HAD to be superior, from a racist eugenics point of view....I know. But hear me out...
Neanderthals had larger brains. Their brains were the same size when infants as human infants but were much larger as adults than homo- sapiens.

Larger brains almost always correlate to larger intellects and capacity for learning. It has already been proven that they used the same tools as primitive humans. Possibly having taught US how to use and make them!

They probably had language some experts say and would probably have had similar vocal chords and language centers in the brain as us.

They were MUCH stronger than us. Particularly in the arms and hands. They were built more robustly. They could take more damage and endure harsher conditions due to their constitution.

That leads me to believe they probably lived longer life spans. That they were more adaptable and that they had a better chance of surviving than us.

Geneticists confirm that the human genetic base bottle necked at one point during the last glacial period. WE lost most of our population and were reduced to a few thousand. That is a proven fact.

Could it be possible that we survived an extinction level event that killed off the Neanderthal population which was the more advanced form of sentient life on earth at the time? It is entirely possible for a biological threat to kill off our entire species and leave only primates to take our place. I propose a similar scenario. Not necessarily a viral threat that killed off the Neanderthals, but a combination of factors. Perhaps they were reduced to what they UNDERSTOOD to be a insufficiently diverse population to survive, so they chose to interbreed with the slightly inferior homo sapiens.

We assume them to be primitive idiots. Really science has had to reconcile with new facts we have been discovering about them that paint an entirely different picture. They were capable of art, tool making, probably had language and also music. Everything we attribute to modern humans may have come from them. OR they may have shared with us in an act of conformity.

Imagine for a second that our advanced civilization is destroyed by a prolonged end times scenario. All our advanced tools and equipment are slowly degraded and being irreplaceable, are eventually lost. Our advanced knowledge is only transmitted effectively into the first generation after the event and less so as time progresses under the circumstances of harsh primal life forcing an oral tradition light on baggage.

Imagine then the immediate survivors of the event taking refuge with the tribal cultures around the world that can more easily adapt to harsh conditions having endured them naturally. A city boy would eat only if he learned the skills of a "savage". This change in the dynamic of traits for survival would change the supremacy of the cultural influences. An advanced culture rich in advanced knowledge would not be appreciated as much as the primitive culture rich in survival skills.

In the end a degradation of the advanced culture would take place until the descendants of the advanced culture were not just genetically integrated with the inferior group but socially as well. Perhaps a compromise would have happened and the technologically advanced culture would not just get "dumber" but the primitive culture would also get "smarter".

I argue that this is what happened in part with Neanderthals. They may have been one of the mythological advanced cultures always spoken of in oral traditions. There is always a reference in mythology to a first man, or several creations of man which we form only the last of in the series. ALWAYS the earlier versions are punished for being TOO MUCH like the gods. They had terrible qualities that led to their demise. They were always accredited with being very great in something or the other, seeing as the gods do, doing as the gods do, ect...

IMO these earlier versions of man are unmistakably our proto-man ancestors. Perhaps some have eluded our shovel, but considering that every couple of years we discover a new branch on the human genetic tree long dead, I would say it is entirely possible that one such branch or series of branches are not limited to primates or derivations there of, whether we have found them yet or not.

The megalithic structures are colossal by our standards, constitution and intelligence without advanced tools. Perhaps not so much so for a super strong, super smart and advanced humanoid we mistakenly make wax sculptures of in loin cloths and with dumb expressions on their faces.

I would like to see the state we are living in if our civilization collapses and remains so for even a few decades.

Perhaps the technologically advanced civilizations we are starting to come to terms with consisted in part of Neanderthals we know to have existed LONG before our version of man came along.

We are pushing the dates back to almost every single structure in the known ancient world. There are those that stubbornly resist, but science is showing that almost everything has a connection to a megalithic culture on a global scale. These cultures built these structures globally and did so employing either technology or knowledge that has escaped us for its lack of accurate transmission throughout the ages.

MAYBE the supposedly "dumb and primitive" people with super strength, more resilient and more hearty bodies as well as LARGER BRAINS built them. Maybe they are the earlier "man" that was too close to the gods that preceded us....


SOURCE, zedVSzardoz, AboveTopSecret

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