Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Incredible Photorealistic Pencil Art Of Paul Lung

There are some people in artistic circles who are incredibly gifted, and this Hong Kong artist is certainly among the best in the world. His images are black and white, but not for dramatic effect. That is just the way he likes it.
Believe it or not, these stunning images are not photographs - they were drawn using only one pencil. These incredibly realistic images show the humble pencil at its best, and are so exceptional that they can detail the fine hairs of a cat and the wisps of a beard. While most people use a pencil only so they can easily erase any mistakes they make, Paul Lung often spends up to 60 hours sketching out his latest work of art.
His works include stunning photo-realistic images of cats with lifelike fur and impressive drawings of friends and family. He even has to make videos of his work to make people believe they are not photographs. Despite taking so much time on each piece, the 38-year-old has to fit his hobby around his day job as a graphic artist.
"I have loved to draw all my life but I especially like to draw graphite realism drawings," said Mr Lung from Hong Kong
"Each one will take about 40 to 60 hours and I will draw when I get back from the office after work for about three to four hours a day."
"Most of my drawings are A2 size and all are done using a 0.5mm technical pencil. I like graphite realism drawing because I can use just one single pencil to create millions of different textures."
With a talent as prodigious as this, it is small wonder that Lung's images can be found all over the world. How on earth such minute, even photographic detail can be produced by simply putting pencil to paper is a truly wondrous thing. I will happily hang these 'photos' on my walls. They would grace any art gallery worth its salt. What an artist!


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