Sunday, February 28, 2010

Space travel.. are we looking at it wrong?

I've noticed that nearly every post related to space travel revolves around antigravity... We have tons of great minds and we are definitely moving forward at an increased rate. Lets slow down a touch and not get ahead of ourselves and look a little simpler.
Antigravity I definitely believe is possible, but I do not think we have advanced enough to create such a power supply that can be reliable and efficient so far. I'm thinking more along the lines of a power supply that can replenish itself at a slower rate... generating much less power,but non depleting and reusable energy..
The device would need a very high capacity of energy storage...first off I should also explain that I'm not talking of a ship to use within a gravity atmosphere, but outside..(small steps) The high energy stored would then be used in space with large releases of energy into bursts to travel... while the replenishing energy source is rebuilding the energy slowly... the device would need to be used with limits and wisely... if you have 100% energy stored and the fact of slow replenishing... a maximum of 33% to use for takeoff.. a stored 33% for reverse fire to slow down once you arrive at destination and 33% reserved for emergency situations that cause flight diversion.
A travel system to this extent can provide less energy use to and from destinations for other space devices... i.e.. sending a robot to mars .. etc etc...
I think a small step in this direction would be what we needed to boost interest in the area and give better insight as what to build and redevelop to make it more sufficient... We are trying to jump to antigravity vehicles without taking the baby steps needed beforehand...
Anyone have information of similar or pre-existing power sources? I must also include the possibility of using energy in "space" which is funny .. space defines that nothing is between.. in reality energy does exist.. how to harness it.. that's why I'm asking and trying to spark some thoughts.. I would also like to lean toward nature... water..vortex..friction.. so many possibilities to build energy.. The largest problem is having high energy stored and the most important.. the ability to release this energy in large sufficient amounts to generate the power needed ( for speed) ... "Windmill of the stars..."

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