Friday, September 5, 2008

Republican National Convention Riot Video

A short time ago Barack Obama held a rally at the very SAME venue: the Excel Center. It was there that he accepted his nomination for President by the Democratic Party. That rally packed the arena and overflowed with 10,000s of supporters outside to watch on TV monitors. During THAT rally there were only a handful of traffic cops to control pedestrian crossings and the thousands outside the arena were not there to protest like tonight at the RNC, those thousands outside Obama's rally were in support of what was going on inside the Excel Center. THE CONTRAST... RNC and a Republican Focused event at the Excel Energy Center: Thousands of riot cops, FBI, snipers, provocateurs, teargas, flashbangs, fences, and angry loud protesters. A Democratic event at the Excel Center: A handful of traffic cops required to manage the huge overflow crowd of supporters. You see this is why we must have a Democrat in office. A people's candidate who doesn't need to hide behind a mercenary army of trigger happy stormtroopers.

Post From "Above Top Secret"

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