Monday, January 7, 2008

Are YOU ready for marriage?

One of the subjects I feel that I can speak on with a measure of experience is the one of marriage. A lot of people jump into a marriage with what I would like to call a case of SRS (Skipping Rocks Syndrome). You know those commercials where a couple walks along a shore skipping rocks, smiling and holding hands? Thats not real life. In real life people have problems. Financially, emotionally, and morally. A marriage isn't made perfect with a bottle of viagra, not saying it doesn't help.

What a person needs to ask themselves before they get married are a few simple questions in addition to the normal ones. Are you willing to forgive the person you want to marry if they happen to suffer that one night of weakness. That one night where they are tempted to see what it is like with another person.

Are you willing to stick with this person when they don't meet your financial needs. When they spend the $500 in the savings account on that playstation when the car payment is past due?

When they vote Republican, while you vote Democratic. When they make a decision in their lives that go in the exact opposite of what you think?


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