Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Hair Is Dead"

For the Longest time I could never figure out the idea behind all of the shampoos on the market that claim to give your hair vitamins and nutrients in order to make it grow stronger and shinier. Now I am able to present you with the facts, it is all bogus advertising! Hair is dead. Plain and simple.

To be specific, hair consists 90% of a biological polymer, α-keratin, and about 10% water, which modifies its mechanical properties

. This α-helically coiled protein is further wound into super molecular coiled-coil micro-fibrils, many of which are held together with a protein glue to form long macro-fibrils, which are packed inside dead hair cells about 100 µm long by 3 µm across. Several of these associate to form one strand of hair, which is covered with tiny surface scales.

By the time your hair emerges from under the skin it is dead. You will see many shampoos and conditioners that contain vitamins and minerals; these vitamins and minerals do absolutely nothing for the hair or scalp. Since hair is dead, it can't be helped by any additional vitamins and minerals. And these substances are not absorbed through the skin; they have to be ingested to be of any use to your body.

Even healthy hair is dead. It may be thick and lustrous, but it contains no living tissue. Tiny cup-shaped pits found all over the scalp, called hair follicles, produce hair.
The hair you struggle to maintain is made of dead cells that have been turned into cylinders of keratin. These cylinders form the hair shaft, which grows at about 1cm per month.
Even though it's dead, hair contains fats, pigment (melanin), water (at least 10 per cent of dry hair) and traces of vitamins and minerals. Good hair care is necessary for keeping the dead alive.


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