Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today I came up with a few thoughts on ghosts and spirits. One thought is , assuming that a person believes in either one, is that after death there is a next level. And after that is still another level.
My reasoning is that back in the biblical days people often saw and spoke to spirits and ghosts. the ones that they saw were often people dressed as they were. Throughout history many other people have seen ghosts, but none were from the biblical days, nor are they described as angels much often now days. present day ghosts are often described as people as recently deceased as yesterday on back to maybe a hundred years ago, but I have yet to recall anyone recanting having seen a ghost of anyone from the biblical days, or for that matter why not a caveman ghost?
My reasoning is that people that lived in the "cave" days saw ghosts of people who had recently died in the early part of mans history, other cavemen.
A few million years later, biblical people saw ghosts of recently passed people who often resembled them.
present day people see ghosts from maybe a few hundred years ago to the present.

My reasoning is that after you die, you go to a next level. You carry out your destination in that level just as you did in this life. With different goals, none that I could possibly fathom. After a "lifetime" there, you pass on to the next level and so forth. Once you go on to the next level you can only visit your previous life as a ghost, but not the one before that one. So if you lived in level one, this life, passed away, went on to the next life, level 2, lived that life, passed on, went to the next life, level 3, you could only visit level 2, which would be your previous life and not able to visit level one which is the life that we live in right now. I hope that explains what I am trying to say.

Also I have reasoned that people don't have souls, WE ARE SOULS! We are souls that have bodies that we utilize to function in this realm of existence. Much as we commonly drive cars to get from one destination to the next. Once we get to our destination , or the car breaks down, we the "Souls" get out and move on to another car and or another destination.

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