Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thalia Garden Apartments

This is my personal review of Thalia Garden Apartments.


Thalia Garden's 21st century luxury and elegant 18th century setting are adjacent to I-264, Town Center, Pembroke Mall, and only minutes from major shopping, schools, naval bases, the oceanfront and downtown Norfolk. Thalia Gardens is characterized by spacious living rooms, separate dining rooms, large kitchens, extra large bedrooms and abundant closet space.


  • Spacious Kitchen with Pantry

  • Washer and Dryer

  • Water and Trash Removal Included (trash removal no longer included)

  • Lovely Patios and Balconies

  • Recreation Areas and 5 Playgrounds (At least one more added since we moved in)

  • Fitness Center

  • Game Room

  • Tennis Courts

  • Swimming Pool

  • Social Activities

  • Community Center

  • Close to Town Center

When me and my wife first moved in, we were told that grilling on the patios was allowed. The following year everyone was told that all the grills had to go due to new codes and restrictions in Virginia. No big problem, I saw this coming down the pipe, as this was the case with many other apartments in the area.From the list above, the only thing that has changed is the trash removal, no biggy, you just now have to take your trash a few extra feet to the dumpster like anyone else. When we first moved in the place was a bit drafty, but since then, they have replaced all the windows in the entire apt community. In the past 3 years our rent has increased by about $120.00. BUT, this can be appreciated when you actually see the improvements that have been made in the area. We have access to a club-house style fitness room and swimming pool that has been totally remodeled since we moved in. The last place I lived in just had rent increases and NO improvements.

As far as the maintenance staff, they are on call hrs. In all the calls that I have made, and I know I have made at least 60 since I have been here, they have always responded within an hour of my call, "EXCEPT TWICE" which I find entirely acceptable. The area that I live in is pretty quiet. That is a plus. I HATE LOUD MUSIC AND NOISE! Our last neighbors over top of us were pretty much assholes, played loud music all times of the day. However, my complaints to the rental staff were acted upon the very same day. There have been times where I placed a call to the maintenance staff and it seemed to take forever to get a response. In retrospect, I can say that things were a bit busy when I called, holidays, inspections and such. ( I was in one of those "I am the only person with a problem moods"). All of my neighbors except that one time has been excellent. For me, I give Thalia Gardens Apartments an 8.5 out of a possible 10.BUT unfortunately, not everyone has had such a warm experience here. I feel obligated to provide a Link to other peoples opinions, even though they differ greatly from mine.

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  1. My-oh-my, how things can change in 10 years. When I posted my review back in 2008, this community was like the Garden Of Eden.
    Now its 2016. We have new neighbors above us. They have 2 or 3 children, and loud. Did I say LOUD? I mean REALLY LOUD!
    The first day they moved in, the kids were throwing eggs off of the balcony, and it seemed as if every kid fro 10 miles around was standing outside screaming at the top of their lungs.Every fucking day there is a gang of kids in the front hallway screaming at the top of their lungs. Thalia management, what were you thinking when you put a family of 5 above us?
    Oddly enough, the other tenants in this building hate the rudeness and noise. were it only me, I would just chalk it up to grumpiness. But everyone else hates them also!
    Sadly, as much as I love my other neighbors, I feel that this will be my last year renting here. Almost 15 years and one rotten family ruins the building.
    So, it you want peace and quiet, you may want to pass up on Thalia Gardens.
    If you want Loud & Obnoxious, then "Welcome Home"


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